At Sunday’s preview gala for Musiwa17 at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, forty of the world’s most creative mosaic artists were greeting guests as they entered. It’s an appropriate introduction to a contemporary mosaic art fair in Florence.  Earlier in the day, Francesco Chimienti, the founder and art director of Musiwa, was thinking back to the fair’s beginnings, when he was forced to ask himself, “Who would want to go to a contemporary mosaic art fair?”

The surprise is that the mosaic art community is evolving in Italy, but the Musiwa event, which runs through Tuesday, May 16, really does keep on growing. This year, the show witnessed international mosaicists like Carolina Kawall, Beatrice Serre, Marie-Laure Bourbon, and many others.

Pulling from a year’s worth of art discovery and insight from some of the world’s most influential curators and art historians, 10 selected mosaic artworks had a great impact on almost every corner of the Palace.



She first broke through the 2013 mosaic collection “Crisis & Paganism” for the Mykonos Biennale of Art. Olga, a passionate Greek mosaicist who found her footing in Italy through her individual technique as well as collaborations. Her mosaic artworks revive and craft new elements to the conventional art form in several structures!

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