2017 is finally over, and while it was an incredible year for emerging mosaic artists, as we witnessed the ascendance of young mosaicists like Yulia Hanansen and Angela Zimek, it’s time to look forward. Creative mosaic art is often an ingenious person’s game, and there’s always someone waiting for him to break through. Some have a better chance than others because they support themselves through social media platforms and art exhibitions, while others are strongly resisting social networking. These are the artists that have what it takes to become more recognized this year, and are positioned to do it in 2018!



As most of you know, Olga’s mosaic artworks were selected in my previous article: 10 Most Inspiring Contemporary Mosaic Artists Of 2017. When I allowed myself to truly delve into Olga’s mosaics and admire the stagnant concepts and vision that appeared in Musiwa17, I reverentially tip my hat to her creations. Therefore I had to go directly and check her website, where I discovered a more inspiring version of this young mosaicist. 2018 looks bright for her, who will appear in several solo and group exhibitions.

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