2017 has swept through, sweetly and swiftly, intense and inspiring as always! As the change in the crisp air and the days shorten and shadows grow long, I light my wood-stove and find myself eagerly organizing my topics, in anticipation of the deep hours of writing in the year to come! Stacks of unfinished articles await me! Yes, I feel it already 2018 will be a profoundly productive creative year! Good news!!! In the coming year, mosaic art will continue to be one of the most permanent art forms of the ancient world. This coming year also promises an unfolding turmoil in Mosaic Art to turn our daily life into a 3D canvas of all colors and square shapes.

Here’s everything you wanted to know about 2018 mosaic trends:


As an addition to bright and vibrant colors, expect metallic tiles to enter the world of mosaic art and create a “wow” effect. Often combined with other hot trends such as 3D compositions and creative texture, this 2018 trend brings the effect of a real-life composition.


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